Succeed with artificial intelligence: Helsinki supports companies in the FAIR project

The Finnish AI Region, or FAIR, offers businesses expertise in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, high-performance computing, and cybersecurity. As a coordinator of the project, the City of Helsinki strongly enchances societal AI competence.

Could artificial intelligence be used for optimizing products or services, streamlining production, improving quality, or even better customer service? Many companies are interested in the possibilities offered by AI, but more information and expertise are needed.

The Finnish AI Region (FAIR) supports small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large companies in adopting AI. Funded by the European Commission, Business Finland, and the City of Helsinki’s innovation fund, FAIR offers expertise related to augmented reality, high-performance computing, and cybersecurity. Most of FAIR’s services are free of charge, and they allow companies to develop and test their solutions.

– Our goal is to expand and accelerate the adoption of AI in SMEs, thus enhancing societal AI competence. We aim to improve companies’ competitiveness both in Finland and on global markets, says Solja Sulkunen, Project Manager at FAIR, Business Helsinki.

In Finland, there are a total of four European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs), with FAIR being one of them. EDIHs are part of the European Union’s Digital Europe program.

FAIR helps companies to develop

Over a hundred companies have already applied to become FAIR clients, each with their unique needs and desires regarding the adoption of artificial intelligence. FAIR’s service portfolio includes support related to data collection, algorithms, advise for business development, high-performance computing, and testing platforms. The project collaborates closely with Helsinki’s testbed platform activities.

– We take into account the individual situation of each company. Based on a comprehensive needs analysis, we tailor support plans and services that allow companies to benefit from our expertise and progress toward their own goals, says Elisa Laatikainen, FAIR’s Customer Manager.

AIATELLA: redefining radiology

Artificial intelligence has lots of potential for the work of doctors and radiologists in detecting medical anomalies. The startup company AIATELLA is building cloud-based software for automated medical imaging analysis. AIATELLA aims to accelerate and refine the processing of medical imaging using AI, allowing doctors to provide even more precise medical care to patients at an earlier stage.

– Our collaboration with FAIR started at the perfect time and helps us optimize our development efforts. This, in turn, enables faster delivery of AI benefits to patients, says Jack Parker, CEO of AIATELLA.

Biila: optimizing logistics

– Collaboration with FAIR has been pivotal, offering expertise in AI and other technologies, which has been valuable to our development and scaling efforts, states Aapeli Kallunki, CEO of Biila.

Biila provides car transportation services for individuals and businesses. The use of AI algorithms and the ability to analyze large amounts of data are beneficial in the logistics field. Biila has invested in leveraging AI, including route planning, which also facilitates scheduling and chain of transportation. AI-based solutions give Biila a competitive advantage.

Wointi: better data, better healthcare

By enhancing data management, it’s possible to revolutionize healthcare, according to the startup company Wointi. Wointi aims to shift the focus from merely treating symptoms to addressing holistic health needs and gaining a better understanding of individual patient situations – and artificial intelligence plays a role in this. FAIR supports Wointi in developing their AI model.

– Our vision is to develop reliable AI/ML-driven analytics for healthcare management and clinical practice for everyday use to improve process efficiency  and the quality of patient care. FAIR has supported the realization of this vision with resources and expertise, working alongside our team to develop ML models towards piloting them in real-world environments, reflects Jorma Winter, CEO of Wointi Oy.

Interested in artificial intelligence? Become a FAIR client!

FAIR collaborates closely with Helsinki’s testbed activities. Currently, two FAIR client companies – Make a BIM and Studio MPRA Arkkitehdit – are participating in real urban environments. We are also involved in organizing the MetaversEnergy Hackathon: in June 2024, we’re seeking solutions for energy savings in buildings. You can sign up until June 12, 2024. Additionally, in collaboration with FAIR, we’ll host the AI IN MOBILITY challenge in fall 2024, focusing on AI solutions for smart transportation. Stay tuned!

Have you already explored the possibilities of AI but need support in identifying your company’s needs, implementing AI, or creating concepts? Contact us and explore FAIR’s services!

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