Health & Wellbeing

We promote the testing of health and wellbeing-related innovations by co-creating new solutions in real-life environments together with end-users, city staff, and companies. Health and wellbeing companies, do you want to join us and start developing wellbeing in Helsinki?

Wellbeing for all citizens

Wellbeing is widely considered in Helsinki. We want to offer all residents the necessities for a good life. The city promotes wellbeing and health in areas such as social wellbeing, health, quality of life and physical activity.

We aim to resolve health-related challenges with new technologies. Various innovations related to well-being have already increased at a tremendous rate. Digital solutions, such as virtual reality, robotics, and artificial intelligence, enhance social services and health care. They also provide solutions to support individual wellbeing.

What do the test platform activities offer to businesses?

The operations and facilities of City of Helsinki’s Social Services and Health Care Division and the Culture and Leisure Division can be used as testing environments for health and wellbeing tech companies and innovation organisations. With our testing and development platform, we want to offer developers of health and wellbeing solutions the opportunity to identify the needs of our industry by collaborating with our professionals and customers. Upon completion of the test, the company is provided with a valuable reference that can be used for marketing the jointly developed solution.

Testbeds for health and wellbeing

Kustaankartano and Myllypuro senior centers – which provide daytime and service center services – are involved in the testing and implementation of new products and technical solutions for the Social Services and Health Care Division. The activities focus on developing elderly work and gerontological treatment, as well as technology utilization.

Home care and remote home care services are also a significant development area. Helsinki Service Centre, which offers 24/7 remote care and nursing services as well as virtual rehabilitation to Helsinki residents, is involved in the development and testing activities.

The Kalasatama Health and Wellbeing Center is one of the central development and testing platforms for business cooperations focusing on health and substance abuse services. The Social Services and Health Care Division offers alternative development and testing environments, such as in family and social services.

We select our partners and sites on a case-by-case basis. Since providing wellbeing, health, and social security for Helsinki residents is the most important task of the Social Services and Health Care Division, the development and testing activities are based on demand. The implementation depends on the available human resources.

Additional development and testing possibilities for companies are offered by the health sector ecosystem Health Proof Helsinki where we collaborate with Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and HUS.

Test platform activities promote innovations for physical activity

Physical activity is also at the core of health and wellbeing test platform activities. Helsinki’s own development environments offer real-life test platforms for companies working with technologies and services promoting physical activity.

Test platform activities are carried out in a close cooperation with specialists from the City’s Culture and Leisure Division.

To whom are the solutions developed for?

Solutions are developed primarily for end-users, i.e. all Helsinki residents. In addition, the staff of the Helsinki’s Social Services and Health Care Division are also a key target group.


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