Vuosaari Health and Well-being Centre pilots new autonomous self-check station

The Vuosaari Health and Well-being Centre has introduced a MedicubeX e-Health Station. Clients can use the autonomous self-check station to take pre-agreed health measurements before attending their appointment with a medical professional. When the necessary measurements have been taken in advance, more time will be available during the appointment for other matters.

The autonomous self-check station allows clients to measure their blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, weight and body composition. In addition, an electrocardiogram (ECG) can be taken to measure the heart’s activity. The client receives a printout of the measurement results containing no personal information. The measurement only takes about ten minutes.

“Innovations like the MedicubeX e-Health Station are welcome in health stations. I believe in the readiness of our clients to start using new technologies like this. Introducing the autonomous health-check station also contributes to the efficiency of our services,” says Timo Lukkarinen, Medical Director of Health Stations in Helsinki.

The pilot will be used to test new ways to improve the efficiency of services and to offer remote consultations and preventive care.

The autonomous self-check station can be found at the Vuosaari Health and Well-being Centre’s health services lobby on the 2nd floor. The self-check station is easy to use and will guide its users in taking different measurements. Instructions for using the self-check station are also available next to the device. If necessary, our staff will gladly assist in using the self-check station. Using the station is optional for clients.

Helsinki is working with partners to develop the healthcare of the future

The pilot will run for a year and be jointly implemented by the City of Helsinki and the Helsinki-based start-up MedicubeX. The pilot is part of the City of Helsinki’s development and testing platform activities, which aim to develop future well-being services together with partners. Helsinki offers an experimentation platform for testing, developing and scaling up new innovations. The piloting of the self-check station in a real user environment at the Vuosaari Health and Well-being Centre is a continuation of its product development in the Health Incubator Helsinki incubator programme.

“We are delighted that Helsinki has taken the opportunity to test the device we have developed. Together, we can offer clients a new way to monitor and manage their health. The MedicubeX e-Health Station is the world’s first fully autonomous device generating measurement results that healthcare professionals can use to assess their client’s health and the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. An even more advanced version of the autonomous self-check station will be released in autumn 2023,” says the CEO of Medicube X, Doctor Vili Kostamo.

See video presentation of the device

Photo: MedicubeX

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