Health check in five minutes: pilot testing of the MedicubeX eHealth station continues

The testing of the MedicubeX self-check station in an authentic health centre environment has benefited patients, medical staff and the company. The success story continues.

The joint journey of the City of Helsinki and MedicubeX Ltd, a Helsinki-based start-up operating in the healthcare sector, has included multiple stages and produced fine results. The start-up’s innovation, a self-check station, was first developed within the Health Incubator Helsinki programme. Later, it was moved to the city’s testing platform. The first self-check device used at Helsinki’s health stations was placed in the Vuosaari Health and Well-being Centre in the spring of 2023. Now, there is a brand new MedicubeX self-check station with the City of Helsinki logo in the lobby of the Kalasatama Health and Well-being Centre.

The idea is, that the client can take the planned health measurements at the self-check station before the appointment. Thus there is more time for other services during the doctor’s appointment. The MedicubeX station can be used to measure blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, weight, body composition and a basic electrocardiogram (ECG). The use of the device is voluntary and easy. If necessary, the staff will provide assistance at the self-check station. The measurement takes about five minutes.

Benefits to the company, the city and people

The pilot project has been used to test new ways to make services more efficient and to provide remote appointments and preventive treatment. Based on the results so far, the pilot has been very successful.

Timo Lukkarinen, Medical Director of Health Stations at the City of Helsinki, has been positive about the pilot from the beginning. About a year after the start, the feedback has been excellent:

– We have found the self-check station to be useful for both professionals and customers at Vuosaari’s health station services. The station streamlines appointments and is easy to use for clients. We are constantly looking for innovations with which to improve the services of Helsinki’s health stations, says Lukkarinen in a bulletin.

– It is great that our cooperation with the City of Helsinki continues. The new version of the MedicubeX station is even more advanced than the earlier one, says doctor Vili Kostamo, MedicubeX Ltd’s CEO. He continues:

– The device offers clients a new way to monitor their health. The results can be used by a healthcare professional when assessing the client’s state of health.

Sanna Hartman, Senior Advisor in charge of Business Helsinki’s health-related testing platform, welcomes the follow-up to the pilot:

– MedicubeX offers an innovative solution for the busy everyday work at health centres. Both city residents and the company have benefited from the pilot testing.

Photo: Vesa Laitinen/Testbed Helsinki

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