Apply for the cluster programme for circular economy in construction!

The City of Helsinki has launched a cluster programme for circular economy in construction, the goal of which is to both promote innovation and business operations related to circular economy and contribute to climate goals.

The City is inviting companies, research institutes, universities and any other organisations that would like to work together to promote circular economy in construction through concrete actions.

Examples of ways you can participate:

  • We will provide our own site/project X as a platform for co-innovation.
  • We are prepared to develop, test and adopt new circular economy solutions in our operations and sites.
  • We will share the results of our development work with the members of the cluster.
  • We are interested in co-developing and offering new circular economy solutions for the needs of the cluster’s members.
  • We will plan and implement training or coaching for the cluster’s members.
  • We will carry out pre-demolition audits in our sites in an anticipatory manner and bring them to shared platforms to be used.

Contact our experts if you have any questions, or apply directly here!

Want to hear more?

  • Eeva Jalovaara

  • Senior Advisor, architect
    Circular Economy Cluster Program
    City of Helsinki
    Business Helsinki, Innovation services