Challenge competition: how the demolition survey data could be utilized more widely?

Circular Design Network has launched a challenge competition to find new ideas and concepts for utilizing data in circular economy. The challenge by City of Helsinki's Circular Economy Cluster Program and Motiva Services is one out of the six.

Approximately 1.6 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste is generated in Finland. About 85 percent of this is generated from repairing and demolishing entire buildings. Finland’s goal is to increase the utilization rate of construction and demolition waste as a material to at least 70 per cent.
The new zoning and construction law should require a construction and demolition material inventory in all projects where demolition waste is generated. The demolition survey provides preliminary information for the investigation, which is updated in connection with the final inspection of the demolition site, for example by utilizing waste shipment document data.

It is recommended that the demolition surveys be carried out in accordance with the Ministry of the Environment instructions, and by using the demolition survey report form. A digital tool for reporting demolition information is currently being developed by MikseiMikkeli and XAMK. When available, it will be possible to export demolition mapping data via interfaces, e.g. the construction and demolition materials register. The materials available for reuse can be advertised in the Materiaalitori (materials market) service or other digital platforms.

With the demolition survey form, the materials can be divided into 21 different categories, and the building components into 21 categories. In addition, the demolition surveys include asbestos and pollutant surveys separately.

The City of Helsinki’s Circular Economy Cluster Program pilots circular economy practices in construction. One of the pilot projects is taking place at the demolition site in the area of the Vattuniemi center in Helsinki, where 16 properties will be demolished during 2022-23. The demolition surveys have been carried out for a large part of these properties. Motiva Services is leading a project to develop a data-based operating model that promotes material recycling at the Vattuniemi pilot site.
The City of Helsinki and Motiva now invite solutions to how the demolition survey data could be utilized more widely.

The findings of the demolition survey are currently not widely utilized. On the basis of the demolition survey, a plan for the utilization of demolition materials and parts can be prepared.

  • Where and how could the demolition survey data be utilized further?
  • Could new solutions be built on top of the data?
  • How can the demolition survey data be better used to make a utilization plan?
  • How and in what form should the information be presented to improve its usability?
  • In addition to the amount of demolition waste, what information should be combined with these?
  • How could the quality of information be improved?

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The deadline for proposals is January 24, 2022 at 4PM. Demolition challenge is a part of challenge competition by Circular Design Network.

Looking forward to innovative data-enabled solutions for demolition data uses!

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