Augmented reality as a history teaching tool on Suomenlinna

Do you want to take part in reviving the historical Suomenlinna from the perspective of learners? The City of Helsinki and the Governing Body of Suomenlinna are organising a trial round and looking for companies with an AR application suitable for teaching purposes. The subject is Suomenlinna and history teaching for grades 5–6.

Suomenlinna is one of the most popular places to visit in Helsinki, receiving about a million visitors every year. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a sea fortress with a very interesting history from the perspective of our entire country. Suomenlinna is also a city district and home to approximately 800 residents.

We are looking for a company that already has an existing AR (augmented reality) platform as a basis for content development. During the co-creation period, you will have the help of experts on education and Suomenlinna. Together, we will develop content to diversify teaching regarding the historical locations and events of Suomenlinna. We want to see how the urban environment can be used as a learning environment for schoolchildren – what kind of ideas would you and your company have to offer?

In this innovation competition, the City will procure a trial, during which AR content will be developed together with users. Suomenlinna’s experts will help with content planning from a context perspective, while education experts will help with user orientation. When participating in the competition, the company should have a platform at its disposal for the development of the solution, in order to be able to achieve the goals successfully. In the tender, we want to hear your ideas and plans for AR content.

The AR learning path must include three to five content points. By content point, we mean a place with content aimed at students (AR objects or other content). The content can be completely new AR objects, videos or various types of exercises. The City of Helsinki will pay a maximum of 35,000 euros for the trial period. The City may launch the trial with 1–2 companies at the same time. Please note the conditions set in the official call for tenders. During the trial period, it will not be possible to collect personal data from the user groups.

See the appendix for the official call for tenders. To register for the competition, submit your tender in PDF format by email to laura.lindfors(a) by 4 pm on Wednesday 7 April.