The mobile testbed TEKLA – ongoing call

Is your EdTech company in need of quick and efficient feedback from various learner groups to support your product development? Apply for the mobile testbed TEKLA! The testbed container TEKLA moves from daycare centers to schools, and during a single day, it hosts several learner groups of different ages and backgrounds.

The mobile testbed TEKLA, which moves from school to daycare center and educational institution, is a completely novel testing platform where companies can test and co-develop their innovations with end users. The mobile learning environment efficiently brings interesting new learning technologies within reach of students and teachers.

The City of Helsinki – internationally recognized as a pioneer in co-development and EdTech testbed activities – has created something unique. In this new mobile learning space, companies can user-centrically test and co-develop various educational technology and learning environment solutions. What sets the mobile testbed container apart is that it is not tied to a specific location. The mobile learning environment, among other things, promotes equal access for learners to the latest technologies, and companies can develop their products to meet the needs of as many end users as possible. The container spends a few weeks at one school before moving on to the next destination.

This is how innovations are experimented in TEKLA:

  • A company representative leads workshops in TEKLA.
  • The testbed host supports the company throughout the testing on-site.
  • The product is tested by several learner groups of different ages and backgrounds each workshop day.
  • The company decides, how many workshop days they offer.
  • Between workshop days, the product can be developed further based on feedback.

When a company needs efficient, rapid feedback from end users, the mobile testbed TEKLA is the right platform for it!

The mobile testbed TEKLA is part of the new “Resourceful Sharing: Innovative and co-usable learning environments (JAVIST)” project, which provides companies with an effective opportunity to test and develop their products and services together with end users. The project is co-funded by the EU.

Photo: Vesa Laitinen

Open call: Mobile testbed TEKLA

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