Mobility Lab Helsinki is looking for new ways to produce three-dimensional data describing the street environment

The goal of the open call is to produce a 3D surface model of the street environment that it is significantly more detailed than Helsinki's current two-dimensional materials. The surfaces are to be segmented by mode of transport to allow the study of their respective traffic environments. Offer your solution by March 6.

Mobility Lab Helsinki supports and facilitates piloting of new services and technologies promoting smooth, safe, and sustainable urban mobility. This open call for agile pilots aims at finding one or more suppliers to produce 3D surface models of street spaces. The agile pilots are part of the development of the City of Helsinki’s digital twin.

The data produced in the pilots will be used in producing a test data set in CityGML 3.0 format. The goal of this work is to create an understanding of the possibilities the new standard offers for companies, researchers and developers in order to produce the first CityGML 3.0 format open test data of Helsinki.

For modelling the street environment, existing data may be used as a starting point. Alternatively, the modelling may rely on a mapping campaign, as long as all the work is included in the offer.

The open call for tenders seeks a maximum of three suppliers. The total budget of the tender is a maximum of 21,000 euros. The maximum cost of one pilot is 7,000 euros, (VAT 0%).

Read more about what we are looking by taking a closer look at the invitation to tender on Mobility Lab Helsinki’s website.

Send your tender by using this form by March 6 at 16:00 (EET).

Photo: Jussi Hellsten, Helsinki Partners

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