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The EAC model allows companies to easily and effortlessly co-develop their educational product or service in collaboration with schools. The operating model is very flexible, and it is shaped based on the needs of companies and the provision of schools where possible. Come along!

An easy way to co-develop

The City of Helsinki provides an innovation platform for testing and co-developing products suitable for the educational sector with the Easy Access Co-Development (EAC) operating model. Easy Access illustrates the ease of the operating model: barriers to collaboration between companies and schools are minimized, bureaucracy is reduced, and partners get to work together quickly. The operating model does not limit the forms of cooperation. However, it is important to note the boundary conditions set by the GDPR: the processing of personal data is not permitted.

Each EAC collaboration process is tailored to its final form through the dialogue between the company, the teachers and EdTech Specialists of the City of Helsinki.

How to join?

The Easy Access Co-Development operating model has been created into a light, flexible and smooth way for schools and companies to co-develop together. Co-development is based on the company’s initiative and the teachers’ interest, however, we help find teachers interested in the test when necessary. The test can commence at any time once the company and teachers interested in the test have agreed upon the matter. However, do note that the EAC model does not in principle lead to procurement.

EAC model in a nutshell

Duration: up to one academic year, the EAC experiment can start at any time
Price of test: gratuitous
Data: the processing of personal data is not permitted


  • Co-development is based on the company’s initiative and the teachers’ interest.
  • The company can search for teachers interested in co-development or, if necessary, we will help you find suitable schools and teachers.
  • Co-development must support teaching and must not interfere with the provision of teaching in accordance with the curriculum (discretion by the teacher).
  • Representatives of companies will get experience and knowhow on everyday life in schools.
  • The test is not facilitated on behalf of the city. The company and the teacher are responsible for practical implementation.
  • The EAC contact person manages contract matters before co-development as well as final documentation after the pilot.
  • Information on EAC pilots is always transferred to the City of Helsinki’s Education Division.
  • Note, that the EAC model does not in principle lead to procurement.

Progress of the process

  • Planning
    • Find a test partner, agree on goals, and draft a contract
  • Kick-off meeting
    • Map the aspirations of the parties participating in the test, agree on goals, progress, and schedule
    • Develop an EAC plan
  • Test
    • Implement test / co-development / pilot
  • Closing meeting
    • Examine the test process: were the goals reached?
    • Exchange experiences, prepare a final report

Achieving the goals through a contract

A contract will be drafted with the company in which we will agree on:

  • The goals and implementation of the cooperation
  • In which Helsinki city primary or secondary school the product will be used
  • The rights of the parties
  • The responsibilities of the contracting parties
  • Confidentiality and data protection
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Intellectual property rights


Does your company have a product that you would like to develop with the help of the EAC test? Contact us – let’s discuss the idea in more detail!

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